One can never take over the importance of a portable generator. Moreover when it’s the Atima AY2000i2000W portable generator then there is no comparison to it. This is truly a lifeline. It’s a great tool indeed for camping and RV use, for tailgating and even for working at various job sites. What makes it lag is its huge noise.

This generator offers to be a powerful portable inverter generator which offers with 2000 watt through 120 voltage outlets from its recoil start system. It’s because of the appliances usually have a start-up a load which means that the power required to start-up and that makes it significantly higher than any other operating output.

Atima AY2000i 2000W Portable Generator

The Atima AY 2000 portable generator is easily competitive with other brands when it’s a matter of price.

The Atima generator offers with

  • The running watts of 1600W.
  • The maximum watts 2000W.
  • DC output is 12V/8A.
  • Voltage is 120V.
  • The frequency is 60 Hz.
  • Noise level is 52dBA at 7 meters @1/4 load.
  • The engine is a single-cylinder with air-cooled, 4 strokes and is a gasoline engine.
  • When it’s the starter it is going to recoil.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is around 1 gallon.
  • The fuel used in this is unleaded gasoline.
  • The oil capacity is 0.1 gallon and the oil type is SAE 10W-30.
  • Its size varies from 20.88 x 12.21 x 19.31 inches.
  • The weight is around 47.41 lbs.
  • Its contains 3 outlets with 120V AC output sockets and 2 12 V DC output socket.
  • It’s a positive electrical circuit breaker and has even low oil alarms and smart throttle with overload protection.

Tools it features

This generator is available with a little tool kit that everyone needs. The most inclusive ones are the screwdriver and the wrench. Even this contains a nice little storage bag that is used to keep the tools in it. This also is available with a small bottle that can hold the exact amount of oil you need. The box outside doesn’t contain any kind of oil tank so it’s important at the same time to fill it up with the oil before trying to turn the generator on. But there is one tool which is not included with the generator and that is the 20 to 30 A adapter which is used in an RV. And the adapter is really affordable.

The magnetic dip stick

This is another kind of tool which is not included and it’s called the Atima’s magnetic oil dipstick. This is not just handy but is even attractive and is able to capture small metal fragments that can break off the engine.

Ergonomic and lightweight

This being a perfect generator is moving ahead for a proper road for camping and several other activities. This is designed compact and lightweight. With around 50 pounds it has a full tank of gas and it’s easy for even adults to carry. Quite simple to handle on the top and is ergonomic design overall.

Parallel ready

The device is considered parallel ready to expand the power. You just need to purchase the connecting cables but you can also run the units in parallel with any other units in the Atima family. Unlike some other generators, this doesn’t have to an exact or same model. You can pair the device with any other as well.

Though it’s loud it’s definitely a great performer at the same time. But it’s healthy and safe to the environment and is risk-free.

Consumption of gas and tank facility

The fuel tank holds 1 gallon of unleaded gasoline and is considered a fuel-efficient device. at a quarter load, you can expect around 10 hours of runtime on a single tank and at half load, the tank of gas is going to run just a little under 8 hours.

Service manual and warranty

The regular service is going on to be a key point for lasting a long time and continues to work even at a higher level. This manual layout in detail is the necessary maintenance and it also walks through the way how to perform these services. One can also contact the customer hotline services and can schedule their work as inspection and repair with a qualified technician.

This device is available with 2 years limited warranty and the parts and labour are also covered for the first year while in the second year its parts are only covered. The warranty is going to be voided if regular maintenance is laid out in the manual else if you haven’t modified or repaired the generator self without using a qualified technician.

It’s safe and sensitive electronics. Its long-running is a positive point of it’s with the gas efficiency of 1 gallon and is hence considered fuel-efficient. The operation of this generator is quite user-friendly and it’s easy to start with a pull cable with easy access to filling the tank. But something that makes it a bit disadvantageous is the absence of external fuel indicator and it’s a bit expensive.

This comes with a 3 years warranty and is quite compact being relatively lightweight. Bears a reliable Honda engine performance with the power to handle surge loads well.


This is mostly used for tailgating, home emergency backups, camping, boating and RV. this portable inverter generator is making lives convenient and is built with a genius idea to serve the best inverter for a constant power supply with higher starting load.

This generator goes with 2.5x their operating output which enables them to power a broad variety of electronics than others. This doesn’t ebb or flow they provide with constant electricity that sensitive electronics need to operate properly.

The device is powered with Yamaha’s top of the line engines which has won a good number of awards being a perfect device for higher energy needs.