Having a generator at the workplace or at the home always serves us when we run out of power or during the power shortage. In a job site, we always need a backup power source so that we must not stop working at emergency. So we need a reliable generator to serve us when we are working at home or a job.

A 5000-watt generator is the best fit for any situation. This can ride out a power outage in a demanding situation. Now there are many 5000 thousand watt generators available in the market and various brands offer them. But not always all the products serve their best. So here we choose the best of the 5000-watt generators and list them with their details.

Best 5000 Watt Generator Ranked and Compared

Best 5000 Watt Generator

This guide will also help you to compare the generators regarding their power output, weight, runtime, noise level and features.

1. Westinghouse WGen 5500

If you want to buy a generator for your home or office, you must look for something that will be an all-rounder product. Also, you will want reliability in the aspect of the power supply so the power flow is uninterrupted. This is why we have chosen Westinghouse WGen 5500 to be number one in the list of 5000-watt generators.

This one runs out 5500 running watts and 6875 starting watts. The running hour it provides is an impressive 13 hours at 50% load.

This is the lightest product in the list, only weighing 170 lbs. this little weight makes it super comfortable for transportation and thus it is an all power solution. This one comes with a transfer switch which makes it work by connecting to hardwired appliances. Backup generator with a transfer switch is a great combination that will work for anyone.


  • This one has a 420cc Westinghouse OHV Engine.
  • Its running watt is 5500 and starting watt is 6875.
  • It weighs 170 lbs.
  • There is a 6.6-gallon fuel tank.
  • It provides 14-hour runtime at 50% load.
  • Its power consumption is 120v/240v, it works with 30A L14-30R.
  • The household-style outlets are 4 in 120V 20A 5-20R (GFCI).
  • The pack includes oil, oil funnel, and tool kit.
  • The generator has compliance from EPA, Carb and CSA.
  • It omits sounds of 72 decibels that can be heard from a maximum 23 feet away.
  • The starting style is recoil.


  • This one has a 3 years guarantee.
  • This one comes from a brand that has a wide network of over 1500 service locations so the after-sales service is easily available.
  • This one is lightweight.
  • The generator is transfer switch ready.
  • The low oil shutoff is the great plus point which cuts off the chance of accidents.
  • The package comes with oil, oil funnel and tool kit.


  • A handful of customers have complained of broken parts.

This one is favourite with most of the clients as it is easy to use and it is an all in one

2. Wen 56551

This one is for those who do have a budget and yet does not like to compromise on key features. This one comes under $600 and is havoc in working capability. This is easy on your pocket and yet comes with lots of amenities as the other high profile generators.

This Wen 56551 powers 5000 running watts to 5500 running watts and it’s run time is slightly lesser than the previously mentioned Westington, which is 11 hours at around 50% load. This one also weighs182.5 lbs which means it is a much transportable gadget. After judging its features and size, this one is on the lighter side.

There is spark arrestor which is a favourite option for many of the users, they have pretty liked this feature of this powerful generator.  This feature makes this machine apart from the cheaper generators and makes it sit high with the high priced contemporary generators of 5000 watts. This one can be compared with the ones that are being used in National Parks.


  • This one comes with 389 cc 13HP OHV engine and that is a great feature of this budget generator.
  • This one has running watts of 5000watts.
  • The starting watt is 5500 watts.
  • The weight of the machine is mere 182.5 lbs.
  • The fuel tank holds the capacity of 6.5 Gallon.
  • The run time is 11 hours at 50 per cent load.
  • One outlet is of 120v/240v 30A L1
  • There are 4 outlets of 120v 20A receptacles which are household-style outlets.
  • Another outlet is 12v DC outlet with cigarette lighter style receptacle.
  • Sound level is 74 decibels from 23 feet of distance.
  • There is recoil style start available in the machine.


  • The item comes with 2 years of warranty.
  • The support system is exactly perfect for a generator purchase.
  • There is a wide network of skilled professionals to provide after-sales service.
  • The friendly customer service will provide you with the perfect chance to mend it if it misbehaves.
  • This is a lightweight machine.
  • It provides 11 hours of runtime.
  • The 12 DC cigarette lighter style receptacles are helpful.
  • The machine meets the standard of generators that are used in National parks.


  • This generator omits more sound than usual.

It is a close second number in the list of favourite generators.   You can have this generator at a very affordable price and it will serve you to the level of satisfaction.  Amazon customers have shown their love for this gadget by giving it 5 start ratings.

3. Pulsar PG6000

If you are searching for a perfectly working generator that is smart and yet is not heavy and bulky like the regular generators, you can try Pulsar PG6000. This is second largest generator on the list and it weighs only 181lbs.  This is slightly less than Wen generator.

This one puts out 5000 running watts and 6000 starting watts and provides an impressive 13.5 running hours.

This was designed to power up to three major appliances at the same time and features an easy to read the digital meter and fuel gauge so you can operate it easily. There are seven different outlets which can power anything under the sun from 120v to 240v to 12 volts.


  • This one comes with 303cc 10HP OHV engine.
  • The running watt is 6000.
  • The starting watt is also in 6000.
  • The weight of the machine is 181 lbs.
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 6.6 gallons.
  • It has 13.5 hours of runtime which is pretty good at 50 per cent load.
  • There are 4 120v outlets which are of household style.
  • There is one 120v- 240v twist-lock outlet.
  • There is one 120v twist-lock outlet.
  • There is a 12v DC output which has cigarette lighter style receptacle.
  • The sound level is 72 decibels from 23 feet away.
  • This one too comes from the great brand that offers great customer service and the range of technicians will offer you after-sales service through any point.
  • The longest and strongest customer warranties are available with this brand.


  • This is a lightweight machine for its bulk features.
  • There is a 12v DC outlet which is great with cigarette lighter style receptacle.
  • It has a 3 in 1 digital meter.
  • The run time is good 13.5 hours at half load.


  • Outlets of this product are not covered like other generators.
  • This is one of the best 5000 watts generators which is portable and customers have given it 4 out of 5 stars in online portals.

This is a low-cost low weight generator which is great for moderate use. It could have grabbed a higher place in the list only for the lack of customer reviews.

4. Champion 5000W

We use the generator to have a safe power supply at home or workplace. The machine should work to ensure safety. This generator Champion 5000W is built by keeping safety in mind and thus you can use that to your house of Jobsite without caring for accidents.

It will keep you and your household safe and secure and will leave your place safe anytime. This Champion 5000 pushes out 5000 watts and comes out with a runtime of 9 hours at a load of 50%. This is a standard generator which also comes with built-in safety features. The weight of the machine is 152 lb and that makes this machine a portable and transportable one.


  • This one is a standalone machine based upon the runtime and weight.
  • It has low oil shut off technique which ensures that the machine stops working when the fuel is at the lowest.
  • This feature prevents damage to the 292cc motor.
  • This feature makes you alert of the finishing fuel and you can get ample time to check if the oil is running out. It also helps you to maintain the machine by providing you ample time to get the fuel refilled.
  • There is a Volt guard in this machine. this prevents overload and keeps the generator safe from voltage spikes.
  • There is intelligauge built into volt guard. It keeps track of the voltage and operating hours as well as frequency.
  • There is a 292cc engine which is OHV.
  • The running watt is 5000 and starting watt is 6250.
  • The weight of this machine is 152.1 lbs.
  • It has a 5.7-gallon capacity fuel tank.
  • It provides 9 hours of runtime at the half load.
  • There are 4 outlets with 120v those are household style.
  • There is one 120v-240v twist-lock outlet.
  • There are various safety features which make this generator outstanding.
  • The sound level is 74 decibels from 23 feet away.
  • The starting system is recoil styled.


  • The brand supports their generator with a 3 years warranty and there is free lifetime support from technicians so you know your investment is not wasted after buying this generator.
  • This is a very lightweight generator.
  • There are so many safety features available that you can engage this machine in your home or jobsite with a guarantee.
  • The outlets are covered.
  • There is lifetime supports available for this gadget.


  • This one comes with a lower run time than most of the generators.

This one is good in terms of quality and dependability.  This one seems to be a hard hitter later down the road.  This is best for homeowners and it can supply power at houses in the time of emergency. There are advanced safety features which make it sound for the homeowners.

5. Powerstroke PS906811P

This is one of the best generators for those who are looking for most power out the generator and of course budget and weight is not a factor for them. This has earned a good 4.5-star rating out of 5 which is great.  A budget-friendly generator with such low cost and the uncompromising feature is something that you must look forward to. This one is built for job sites as well as household uses. The one powers out 6800 running watts and 8500 starting watts and provides 12 long hours of run time with half the load. This Powerstroke generator can outpower most of the generators in the market with its efficiency level.


  • This one is powered by Honda and comes with 389cc OHV electric start engine. This one is easy to start.
  • This one can take up a large load that most of the usual generators cannot take up.
  • There is the larger motor and impressive 8-gallon fuel tank in this one.
  • It weighs heavier than its competitors, the weight of this machine is hefty218 lbs.
  • This is not very portable but offers a great workforce for permanent use.
  • The running watt is 6800 and 8500 watt is the starting power.
  • This one provides 12 hours runtime to manage every household job or onsite duties. This one can manage to work under heavy load too.
  • There are 4 outlets with 120v and they also come with a twist lock.
  • There is one 240v twist-lock outlet.
  • The sound level is a bit louder at 79 decibels at a distance of 23 feet.


  • This one comes with 3 years of warranty so your investment in this giant is safe. You can enjoy USA standard engineering and assembly.
  • There is always more than 5000 watts of energy available whenever you need it.
  • The large fuel tank can feed it to provide you ample source of energy.
  • There is low oil shut down feature which helps you avoid any problem that may occur when the oil is at the lowest.
  • The automatic voltage regulator gives you the facility of checking the voltage when needed.


  • This one is on the heavier side so is not portable.
  • The sound level is a bit too much for some users.

This generator is an underperformer based upon the amazon customer reviews. It manages to get 3 points out of 5 and that is not surprising. This is a solid choice for generators and with time it will catch up with its competitors as people will understand its efficiency and longevity with time. This generator can offer a permanent solution to the household or office as it is a long-lasting and durable gadget. You can constantly use it for a longer period of time with safety.

6. Generac 5939 GP5500

This one has not yet earned a great review among the user’s thanks to its noise levels and broken parts. But Generac 5939 GP5500 yet has made to this list due to its contender of competitive features. This one power 5500 running watts as well as 6875 starting watts. The run time is pretty 10 hours when it works under 50 per cent load. This may not be the greatest working hour digit but simply, it is not the lowest either.


  • This large 389cc OHV engine makes it a great working generator.
  • The fuel tank holds 7.2 gallons of liquid.
  • It is a lightweight generator weighing up to 180 lbs.
  • This one can work best with power tools, campsites and home backups. Also, small job sites can be benefitted from this machine.
  • It is not CARB or CSA compliant so it cannot be shipped to California.
  • There are four 120V outlets and one 240V outlet, the latter one comes with a twist lock.
  • The sound level is not mentioned in the product manual or in online selling portal.
  • There is recoils style starting feature available in this generator.


  • The Generac 5939 GP 5500 generator is backed by 2 years of warranty to give you support.
  • This one is a lightweight generator.
  • The fuel tank can hold up to 7.2 gallons of fuel.
  • This one works great for campsite or power tools.
  • This one comes with low oil shut down feature which is great.


  • This one does not yet fetch many good reviews from the buyers.
  • It is not CARB or CSA compliant.
  • As per the users, this lightweight generator makes much louder noise than its competitors.

As per the customer review, this has grabbed a mere 3.6 stars out of 5 in amazon.  The negative reviews are similar in feature which shows that it has some general kinks which can be worked on. On paper, it seems a good quality 5000-watt generator but the bad reviews force one to judge the other generators over this one in the list.

Buying guide – FAQ

Which is the quietest generator of 5000 watts range?

  • We measure the generator noise level in decibels. In case of a generator, we gauge it from a general 23 feet distance. Westington and Pulsar generator both produce 72 decibels from 23 feet away. It depends upon the requirement of the power, as we have seen more sound producing generators are engaged in the job site. For a residential setting, we must seek to quieter generators to keep the peace.

What is starting and running watts?

  • Watt is a unit to measure the rate of energy, both used or produced or moved from one place to another. Starting watts are the watts that are required to get the generator going from a static position. Starting a motor requires more work and thus the starting watt is always higher than the running watts. As keeping the motor running needs lesser power. So basically, running watts are the power that keeps the generator going.

Which appliance can be run by generator and which one cannot?

  • In order to understand which appliances will run by generator and which one will not, you need to check the needed power to run each appliance. If you can figure out how many watts are required to run an appliance then you will be able to use the appliance with the help of generated power supply.

Safety tips:

  • Do not try to operate a generator from indoors.
  • The generator should be at least 15 feet away from any open door or window.
  • Never turn up a generator when it is raining.
  • Before refilling the fuel, turn the generator off and let it cool down.
  • If you need to use an extension cord with the generator, make sure it is good quality and heavy-duty.
  • For hardwired appliance safety, you must install a transfer switch to the generator.

Having a generator as a backup for power supply in the time of power shortage or another kind of emergency is necessary. It is always advised to be better prepared for the long winters and harsh snowy seasons. That time will become dangerous if you do not have any power supply back up. You need to run your important appliances uninterruptedly and for that, you need a backup power source from the generator. Some of the generators offer great warranties so you can stay protected in terms of your investment. Maintenance is a must so you can preserve your generator and use it for a longer period safely.