At the point when you’re out in the sea voyage, it doesn’t imply that you need to forfeit having simple access to electrical power. Generators have made some amazing progress over the most recent times, enabling you to have a wide range of choices. In that case, contingent upon your boat, there are numerous choices that you can contemplate. Small-sized boats most likely won’t have the option to deal with the inherently installed generator. Which is the reason there is a wide range of smaller, progressively versatile alternatives of generators out there. Noise is likewise a major thought when you’re on a boat and have restricted space. Inverter generators are calmer and more eco-friendly, settling on them the unit of decision for use on a boat.

10 Best Portable Generators For Boat Use

To have the best generator for a boat, we listed the top generator models by motor power, evaluated/greater yield, fuel tank limit, noise level, weight, and movability. We likewise noted whether the generator had issues with the force starter, carb leeway for capacity and oil fill. Motor power is a significant thought since you have to realize that the generator you pick can stay aware of the requirements of whatever activity you need it to do. With marine generators, it is particularly essential to markdown fuel tank limit, since you would prefer not to come up short on fuel in the middle of the sea.

Since space is quite low on small boats, you will need to ensure the generator’s noise level remains at an agreeably low, so it won’t meddle with any of your exercises. Weight and compactness to carry the generator to and from your boat have additionally been considered. Every additional pound on board a boat will influence its speed and buoyancy, so it’s essential to know your boat’s ability and think about the heaviness of the generator.

Utilizing a compact portable generator on a boat can open up a few conceivable outcomes. It will provide you to have the option to give the power to run a microwave, coffeemaker, or AC air system inside a boat to make you feel comfortable and home-like conditions. Driving lights for late evening fishing is another extraordinary use for a compact generator on a boat or other water vehicle. A generator on the boat can likewise give genuine feelings of serenity, as a reinforcement approach to charge your battery or call for help if the boat suddenly stops in the middle of the water.

Be that as it may, utilizing a compact generator on a boat can be hazardous and there are some significant wellbeing and use contemplations to consider.

On this page, you’ll see probably the best portable generators for boat use and a purchasing guide that incorporates security tips.

Types of Generators: Conventional and Inverter

What are the main contrasting points between a conventional generator and an inverter generator? Conventional generators are controlled by a vitality source, commonly non-renewable energy source. This feeds the engine connected to a power delivering alternator. The engine must keep running at a consistent speed to keep the constant current and power that most equipment’s use. In the event that the motor changes speeds, the frequency of the power will vacillate likewise, influencing the yield which runs the equipment’s which have been powered by it.

An inverter generator, in contrast, draws control from a fixed DC source (i.e.: battery) and transforms the power into usable (in all probability 120V) AC current. Inverter generators consolidate the best of all things using propelled hardware. They consolidate the advances of both conventional generators and conventional inverters to initially produce AC current, which is changed over to DC, at that point reversed back to AC control in an unadulterated sine wave that won’t vacillate and become problematic for its users.

Things you should consider while taking the generator to your boat

A generator must be lower in weight and convenient enough so you can without much of a stretch can be movable from here and there inside your boat. You ought to set up your generator for a boat. You have to ensure that there are no uncovered metal or metal parts inside the generator that may rust when presented to moist conditions or salt splash. It is genuinely simple to take the screws out and expel the plastic external lid of the generator so as to cover bolts and equipment with rust-counteracting spray paint. Use something like Bowsheild T-9 to cover the electrical parts of the generator, and high warmth paint for suppressor in the event that you are worried about moderate warmth to develop in more inside spaces on the boat.

What will the generator help you to do on a boat?

On the off chance that you need to control some basic things like hairdryer, mobile phones, and little gadgets like an espresso machine or microwave or even a dishwasher on your boat, at that point, a small-sized compact inverter generator ought to be all that anyone could need to meet your capacity needs. In any case, on the off chance that you should have cooling or machines that suck up a great deal of intensity in a brief timeframe, similar to a refrigerator/cooler, at that point you should consider going with a conventional, progressively strong power marine generator. The generator you pick must have enough power limit and the right outlets for the particular gadgets you have, and the joined wattage to control them, simultaneously if required. Numerous inverter generators have more than one mode, so they can be utilized to control a more prominent or lesser burden at various occasions, without bargaining the respectability of the yield. Most likewise have eco-modes to lessen the RPMs to spare fuel while driving lesser power.

TOP 10 Portable Generators for Boat

We looked out user and master surveys and item specs for every one of the top generator marks and have recorded our discoveries in the table beneath. The generators have been recorded by our positioning. Included additionally is detailed feedback of every product and a purchasing guide that we expect will clear up the most significant things you have to know before taking a generator on board.

1. Honda eu2200i – A Quiet Bestseller

Honda’s range of portable generators has been one of the top market sellers for a long time. This 2200-watt inverter generator is additionally a perfect contender for sea journeys. One major selling point for boat use is that this generator is overly noiseless. While docked, you would prefer not to trouble different boaters stopped close by. This generator is amazingly calm and noiseless, at just 48 to 57 dBA, which is no stronger than the sound a simple conversation. An eco-friendly model, you can get 4-9+ hours on a solitary tank of fuel.

Since this is an inverter one, you’ll get tension free and stable power that will give you a chance to connect your delicate hardware without stress. The eu2200i has 2200 watts to 1800 watts power range. This model is a refreshed into a new rendition of the eu2000i.

Notwithstanding offering more power, there are extra enhancements also, for example, better ventilation. Great ventilation is especially significant on a boat, as it makes the generator more secure to use in the extraordinary marine condition.


  • generally lightweight and simple to carry
  • very peaceful
  • inverter innovation which means clean power
  • eco-friendly
  • parallel-prepared in the event that you need to utilize two for more power


  • It doesn’t have any fuel gauge or hour meter

2. WEN 56200i – A Quiet & Affordable Inverter

At a fundamentally lower cost, this generator gives some huge challenge to the Honda eu2200i. Like the Honda, it is significantly lightweight and effectively transportable. Getting it here and there on the boat and from boat stockpiling to the deck would be very simple. It’s not exactly as tranquil as the Honda however it isn’t so boisterous the same number of different generators. At a quarter load, it’s just 51 decibels.

Delicate gadgets are protected, as the generator is an inverter. It is intended to reflect a pure sine wave and resist harmonic disturbance. At a half-load, you can have about 6 hours of runtime.

The generator’s eco-friendliness can be boosted by utilizing eco mode. For more power, you can attach a subsequent unit utilizing a Parallel Connection Kit. Some security highlights like programmed shutdown when oil or fuel are low are incorporated right with this model.


  • incredible worth – at this reasonable value point
  • generally lightweight and simple to carry
  • inverter tech innovation secures gadgets required low power.
  • eco mode expands eco-friendliness
  • 2-year guarantee and superb user care services


  • to check/change oil, you need to expel full board
  • while inverter power created is perfect, it’s not, in fact, a pure sine wave

3. Yamaha EF2000iS V2 – Clean Power & Cute Design

What your generator resembles most likely shouldn’t make any difference yet in the event that built structure is imperative to you, this may be the generator you’re searching for. Resembling a retro radio or something comparative, this imperial blue coloured inverter from Yamaha is only an extraordinary looking equipment.

Transport is simple too since it is solid, lightweight, and has a carrying handle. It’s something beyond looks. However, this inverter generator has clean power production and Pulse Width Modulation control.

Power range between 2000 max watts and 1600 running watts, it has enough power for general boaters.

Whenever wanted, this generator is parallel-charged so you can increase the power yield as needed. The efficiency is excellent because of the Smart Throttle. The eco-friendliness is so great, truth be told, that you can use it for a 10.5-hour of runtime on a ¼ load.


  • It has a very attractive design
  • It offers good fuel efficiency which means longer runtime
  • It is easy to carry because of its lightweight and compact design
  • It has helpful features like a fuel gauge and low-oil auto-shutoff
  • Completely noiseless.


  • To check oil level you have to remove the panel.
  • Gas tank is little smaller

4. Generac iQ2000 – Quiet, Smart, User-Friendly

Honda is frequently thought of as the pioneer than the other generator brands attempt to be best in the market. Generac ventures to such an extreme as to utilize striking Honda examinations in their advertising materials. Generac claims that the iQ2000 can completely “beats Honda.” At least with regards to noise level, an autonomous testing lab has affirmed that at a half-load, the Generac is in reality much more noiseless than the Honda EU generator series.

This is without a doubt more accommodating and easy to use than what you’ll see on many contending generators. It incorporates an electronic fuel measure, a runtime hour meter, status lights, and a Power bar indicator.  Along with that, it’s very simple to start and stop.

This small gas generator has a basic dial with three buttons – start, run and stop. There is additionally a flip switch for the three methods of the turbo, standard, and economy mode. This is anything but a good inverter however it offers spotless and stable power on account of a computerized inverter module.

At a quarter-load, you can have 7.7 long stretches of runtime. The iQ2000 is likewise one more generator with a power range of 2000 starting watts, 1600 running watts, and parallel-charged feature.


  • It has a very easy operation with helpful control panel
  • It offers clean and stable power
  • It offers very good value for money
  • It is very easy to carry
  • It provides decent fuel efficiency


  • There have been reportings about quality issues like fuel tank leaking.
  • It customer service feedback is not that good
  • Offers stable power but not very stable sine waves

5. Telongpu Emergency Solar-Powered Generator

On the off chance that the main explanation you’re searching for a compact generator to use on a boat, freight ship, sailboat, or different sorts of boats is for crisis management, there’s no compelling reason to squander your cash on a costly, powerful machine. This ultra-minimal cost arrangement just offers 200 watts of power intensity which won’t be sufficient for much however it is sufficient to control a telephone or radio in the event that you keep running into inconvenience while sea voyage.

It may even be sufficient to charge your boat battery enough to begin on the off chance that you held out on the water. This generator is more secure to use on the water in comparison to gas-fueled generators.

To charge it you can either interface it to a solar energy board and catch power intensity of the sun or charge it utilizing a divider outlet or a vehicle connector. For boat use, it bodes well to utilize the sunlight powered board. It’s likewise keen to completely charge from a divider outlet before jumping on the boat.

This crisis manager likewise has numerous security safeguards, including over-burden, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature and short circuit. It has four USB ports just as one 12V current output. There is additionally a 15V solar input. This is something beyond a generator, as it additionally has an electric lamp and a compass.

As it is very cheap to buy but you get value included worth as a result of the lifetime guarantee and magnificent user assistance.


  • It is a low cost plus a lifetime warranty
  • It has a solar-power option
  • It comprises of many safety features
  • It usability for charging electronics, with 4 USB ports
  • It is very lightweight and durable
  • It also includes flashlight and compass


  • You have to buy a solar panel separately
  • It dint generate much power
  • You can consider it as  a battery pack than a generator

6. DuroStar DS4000S – Low cost but high power

As a rule, a generator that is increasingly lightweight and compactly builds is a more brilliant decision for a dinghy, freight ship, barge boat and other littler boats. Be that as it may, now and then you simply need more power. On the off chance that you need a generator that can control a cooling unit on your yacht, for instance, a littler generator simply won’t support it.

This generator from DuroStar is unquestionably bulkier and heavier than some different choices on this rundown. All things considered, it has a double handle framework that makes it genuinely simple for two individuals to transport. There is a discretionary wheel pack also that could possibly bode well on a boat. With power range 4000 starting watts and 3300 running watts, it has a lot of power intensity. This generator is significantly noiseless than you may expect, at just 69 dBA.

That is stronger than some different models, no doubt, yet it’s exceptionally tranquil for generator with this size of intensity power yield. The build quality is solid and stable. It’s not exactly as eco-friendly as some different alternatives however the 4-gallon gas tank can give you around 8-hour runtime. This generator comes in at a shockingly lower price however it is certainly not compromising in quality. DuroStar is known for making strong powerful generators


  • It comes in very low cost
  • It has solid build quality makes it durable
  • It generates plenty of power
  • It has dual handle makes transportation easy in spite of its large weight
  • surprisingly noiseless


  • Oil drain’s placement is very irritating to use.
  • It needs to be grounded which is very difficult on boat.
  • It didn’t have an hour meter.

7. Honda Power Equipment EB3000C – High-Power but very expensive

With a power range of 3000 starting watts and 2600 running watts, this is another generator that gives you a great deal of power intensity. Perfect for modern time requirement, it likewise functions admirably on a boat, particularly for you needed to power cooling units, lights, and different things that require a considerable lot of power intensity. This powerful machine offers excellent eco-friendliness. The 2.6-gallon gas tank will get you 9.4 long stretches of runtime on a half-load.

You’ll get perfect and stable power with this generator, on account of Honda’s select Cyclo-Converter technology innovation. This generator seems as though it would be extremely heavy yet it’s shockingly light. At just 71 pounds, it’s the lightest modern generator available.

The two handles with edge make transportation it simple, particularly with two individuals. You can likewise purchase a discretionary wheel unit to make it much simpler to move around. For a rock-solid generator, it’s not as noisy as you may anticipate. An appraised sound generation is just 65 dB, not exactly the commotion level of a run of the vacuum cleaner

This generator isn’t very affordable to all yet it’s a venture that you can have as it doesn’t disappoint you. Honda even backs it up with an incredible 3-year guarantee.


  • It has incredible safety features like inbuilt GFCI
  • It is very fuel-efficient making it eco-friendly
  • Honda offers a 3-year brand warranty
  • It is very bulky for its  size and power but it’s lightweight


  • It is very expensive as compare to other generators on list

8. Champion 3100-Watt Inverter – very convenient to use

Most generators have force pull starters so this Champion inverter truly stands apart for having a remote start feature, this generator does have a force starter yet it additionally gives you a chance to utilize a remote key feature to start the generator from up to 80 feet away. It additionally includes Cold Start Technology, so the motor will fire straight up in any event when it is cold. This inverter gives entirely steady and generates clean power.

In case you’re dependent on your cell phone or iPad in any event when on a marine trip, you can sit back and relax realizing that your delicate gadgets will be secure. With a power range of 3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts, you’ll have all the power you need on the boat, in any event, when running a few things at the same time.

This generator is intense, solid, and tough. Adding to your genuine feelings of serenity with this sensibly estimated generator, Champion offers a 3-year restricted guarantee and free lifetime specialized help.

At just 58 dBA, this hardcore generator is likewise incredibly noiseless


  • It comes with a 3-year warranty and free lifetime customer support
  • It has a remote key start feature
  • It generates a clean and stable power
  • It comes with solid build quality which makes it durable
  • It offers great value for money


  • Its wheel placement makes transportation tricky
  • Though solid build but a few of the parts feel a bit cheap

9. WEN PowerPro 56101 – Cheaper & very high Portability

Having power range with 1000 starting watts and 900 running watts, this profoundly reasonable generator gives simply enough capacity to overcoming general needs. Weighing under 36 pounds and outfitted with an advantageous handle, this is as effectively compact as it gets.

It likewise has 4 elastic pads or legs that keep it steady and held set up entirely well. All things considered, regardless you’ll need to verify it somehow or another on the boat so the lightweight machine doesn’t get thumped over or bumped in a solid breeze.

This generator is extraordinary in not consistently requiring oil changes since it keeps running on an oil/gas blend fuel. At a half-load, the 1-gallon tank will last you around 5 hours. It is very noiseless, at just 60dB sound.

This generator is both EPA and CARB consistent. There is a 1-year constrained guarantee from the producer.


  • It has a very unique fuel system means no oil changes
  • It is very easy to transport
  • It offers very decent fuel efficiency
  • Price availability is very low.


  • It is not an inverter generator so not suitable for sensitive devices.
  • Starting procedure is difficult

10. Westinghouse WGen7500DF Dual-Fuel Portable Generator – Propane Possibilities & Maximum Power

This double fuel generator enables you to utilize either gas or fluid propane gas. Eventually, this gives you alternatives and can take into consideration longer runtime. On the off chance that you have a full 6.6-gallon tank of gas in addition to a tank of propane, you can expect more than 24 hours of absolute runtime.

The eco-friendly fuel tank with a full tank of gas alone will get you 16 hours of runtime. Notwithstanding giving you more conceivable outcomes and having extra-long runtimes, this generator has a huge amount of power intensity.

When utilizing fuel, it has 9500 peak watts and 7,500 running watts. With propane, you’ll get 8550 starting watts and 6750 running watts. The GFCI electrical plugs are elastic secured for included security. This generator highlights tough build with solidified steel outline for strength and solidness. An advantageous push-button electric start is an incredible element. In spite of the fact that not modest, this high-esteem generator is shockingly reasonably priced.

Adding to the worth, there is a 3-year brand warranty.


  • It offers dual fuel support and great fuel efficiency
  • It offers 3-year limited brand warranty
  • Extra push-button electric start
  • It has solid build quality which is durable


  • Weight is very heavy not easy to move around boat.
  • Noise produces is a bit loud.

Important measures for using generators efficiently

a) You always not try to install a generator permanently on your boat.

Or maybe, you should keep it in a dry extra space when not being used. At the point when you are tied down, running the generator in the behind position will guarantee the breeze diverts the carbon monoxide. The swim point is a decent spot to run your generator too. You may need to temporary mount the generator on the deck. A section and elastic mounts before the cockpit ensure that the generator is secure and safe. It’s likewise a smart thought to construct a cowling to shield it from any kind of water contact while running.

b) How you should ground a generator on a boat?

Portable generators that commonly should be on the ground to the earth, you may believe there’s no real way to do this on a boat. It will rely upon the generator and the boat, yet commonly, it will work to connect the generator to the shore power connection. It’s a smart thought to utilize a mains analyzer. You can probably choose the option that may be too simply utilize a portable generator that doesn’t require grounding, similar to the Honda eu2200i.

c) Safety and security tips

Security and safety are significant, particularly when you’re ready to sail long journey. How about we view the safety highlights that are fundamental in a marine generator and several things that can add to your security while utilizing a generator.

  • Low oil shutoff – Search for a generator with this element that will close itself down in case of a conceivable overheating circumstance that could wreck it.
  • Crisis stop button – Some generators have this component included as of now; with others, you may need to purchase a crisis stop button unit and have to install it by yourself.
  • GFCIs – Almost every inverter generators have GFCIs, an electrical security element. GFCI represents ground fault circuit interrupter. The main motivation behind this is to anticipate the electric shock. A fragile sensor is set on the active power source which screens the measure of intensity leaving it. In the event that the power floods under any circumstances, the power source cuts itself off, conceivably sparing your life or the life of your close ones.
  • Fire extinguisher – It is good judgment to have a fire quencher on your boat, yet doubly so on the off chance that you have a versatile generator with a free engine making warmth and fumes. There is a great deal of vitality and power being contained inside a little territory, and once in a while, the accidents can occur.
  • Carbon monoxide identifiers – Make sure you have in any event one, presumably even two carbon monoxide detectors situated in the lodge of your boat in the event that the generators exhausted smoke by chance end up in your living space. Adhere to the brand’s directions, converse with companion travellers and specialists, and read the accompanying rules on security measures and having a convenient inverter generator on your marine boat.


Out of the considerable number of generators we looked into, the top three spots I had given to the Yamaha EF2000iSv2, the Honda EU2200i and the Westinghouse iGen2500. The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 was the inside and out champ and we believe it to be good at its price point, since it scored the most noteworthy in the most classifications, including longest-running, basic steps of start, carb removal, fuel check, noise level, guarantee time length and lightest weight. The Honda EU2200i came in runner up, having practically indistinguishable execution and highlights as of Yamaha.

The second putting was, for the most part, a result of the absence of a fuel check, marginally heavier weight, and somewhat shorter runtime. Its fuel tank is somewhat smaller, leaving me to accept this is the reason its runtime is somewhat shorter than that of the Yamaha EF2000iSv2. The third spot was granted toward the Westinghouse iGen2500. This model appears to give a great deal for a bit of, having the most noteworthy power watt rating of all the of the contenders. It likewise has as long as 10 hours of consistent runtime on one gallon of fuel.