Buying a portable generator is a huge investment. After getting it from the market, the initial few hours can make the generator’s life lasts for a long time. It is required to do certain things to break in your generator after you buy the product to save it from severe damage.

Need to Break in the New Generator

When you did not break in your new portable generator, it can cause severe damage to your device. It can reduce the lifespan of the product. Nobody wants to waste his money by buying and after that repairing the machine all the time.

How to Break In A Portable Generator

In the process of breaking in a generator, you need to let it run and change its oil. It is required that the oil is properly circulated and move to all the parts of the machine and it can be done when it is in running state.  It will allow your engine to work smoothly for many years.

Without this process, the tiny pieces in your engine will break off, separated and will move around in the engine. It will shorten its life and makes your portable generator last for a short time.

Step by Step Procedure to Break in the Generator

After buying the engine from the market, you need to take care of it by using the procedure stepwise.

  1. Buy Gas and Oil: First of all, you need to buy a few things like Gas, Oil and Oil conditioner. You must have high octane gasoline without Ethanol with the oil recommended by the manufacturer of the generator. A dry start is very harmful to the engine. So, to avoid that, an oil conditioner is required. It helps in the sticking of the oil in the walls of the cylinder. It works when you are not using your generator for a long time.
  2. Begin with the Lubrication Process: Firstly, you need to remove the spark plug and pour the oil conditioner in a little quantity into the spark plug chamber using a funnel. It will lubricate the cylinder before you start up for the first time. It is important to know that you should not pull the cord of the starter before the lubrication process. Now, you can pull the starter cord for about 10 times and move the piston up and down. After that, the spark plug needs to be replaced.
  3. Add the Recommended Oil: In Crankcase, pour some oil conditioner. Now, you need to check the manual to see the capacity of the tank. With the help of a funnel, fill your generator’s tank with the required amount of oil.
  4. Add Gasoline: Fill your tank with high-grade gasoline. After that, you need to open the vent and switch on the generator. Turn the choke on and now, you can start the engine. It is okay if it does not start with a single pull. You should try extra pulls to start the machine.
  5. No Load in First Hour: It is important to run the engine on low speed for at least an hour with no load.
  6. Change the Oil: After one hour of continuous running of the engine, you need to drain the oil as it may have metal fragments in it. Again, add some oil conditioner and then, fill it with fresh oil.
  7. No Load in Second Hour: Now, again start the generator and keep it running for another hour without any load.
  8. Change the Oil Again: After the second hour, drain the oil. It will be cleaner than in the first round. Again, it is required to add oil conditioner and oil.
  9. Final and last Hour: In this time, start the machine and add some load of around 500 Watts. Now, the generator is break-in and it is ready to use normally.

The Bottom Line

In the following blog, all the issues are being shared that a customer faces after buying the product. It is a big investment in buying the portable generator but it is more important to keep it in a safe mode. Otherwise, a lot of money is required to repair the damage in the machine.

Well, it is not that tough to break in the generator. You just need to follow the above steps carefully and start the engine as recommended. There is a need for regular maintenance as mentioned in the manual. If you want to run your machine for a long time, then recommended maintenance must be done timely by the manufacturers.

It is important to note that the oil conditioner needs to be added whenever you change the oil in your portable generator. To make the life of the generator long-lasting, you need to clean the engine and then only, use it normally.