Today everything has become entirely online and technological of course. But sometimes, even though we buy the right product online after considering all the reviews and discussions, sometimes, the product becomes default piece and from there the real problem starts. But then, there are many solutions online that can help you with repairing the faulty piece if the fault or the damage is minimal.

Just like, when it is about a generator that you have just bought or probably gently used and if it does not start then here we have gathered a few information about a portable generator and then fixing the problems on the whole.


However, when it is about these generators and fixing them, everything that matters is the solutions that are available online and of course, if the damage is not too much then fixing these machines are pretty much easier than ever. Sometimes, these type of issues arises when there are emergency situations such as power cut or weather issues or even load shedding too.

Hence, what exactly to be done whenever there are situations like this? It is pretty much simple, you just have to take down a few solutions that would be helpful and with which you can simply go ahead with the fixing up the machine at ease for sure.

Your portable Generator Won’t start: The complete Guide

When your generator does not actually start, it becomes really stressful and can lead to any trouble for sure. However, to help you out with, here we have gathered a few details that will help you to fix the generator for sure.

1. Basics

man filling a portable generator with gasoline

It is very much important that you check the manual or get it installed with the executives itself, Sometimes, these executives can actually help you to start with the product too. You can also check for other basics such as the battery, fuel if there is anything default with the product on the whole. This will ultimately help you to start off with the product at ease.

You also have to check if the generator actually has enough oil and gas that will help it to get started at quick. Later, check if the valve is working or if it’s even on. You also have to check if the choke is working or something is stuck though. Some of us even don’t care about the basics which are important to get started with a generator for sure.

2. Fresh Oil or Fuel

Of course, when it is about fuel, it is very important that you use fresh fuel only. Sometimes, when you use old fuel or old oil, then, of course, it is quite certain that the generator won’t start. It needs fresh fuel or fresh oil whichever is suitable for the product though. It is because, when the fuel stays on for a long duration or long period then the value and the effect of the oil and the fuel keeps getting degraded and it keeps going low.

You need to see if the fuel is looking good or cloudy. If it’s cloudy then it would probably won’t start or be effective on the generator though. Of course, to remind you sometimes, it may get cloudy during winter and cold weathers, and hence you have to be preventive about it too.

3. Check spark plug

hand removing the spark plug on a generator

Whenever there is a problem or an issue with the generator, of course, we all think that it needs some spark plug. Yes, this generally happens and this is majorly the issue when it is about generator start off. You have to check if the spark plug is actually working and you can also check by pulling it too. It is recommended that you check the condition of the plug if it does not start at ease.

If it is looking dirty then check for to clean it up, you can use a carb cleaner though. Just pull off the plug and spray carb cleaner on the cylinder or the carrier. This will ensure that it gets cleaned and it can even start working too. You can also try with a new spark plug by replacing it, it would be easier if you don’t have a carb cleaner.

4. Air Filter

This can be another major issue when you see that your generator does not start off. You can simply try with some cleaning the air filter, as there can be dust and particles that could be choking up the generator to start it up at once.

You have to see if it’s clogged if yes then you can simply clean it and you can also whack it on the floor that may clear off the particles if there is any. If you see that the filter is too much clogged then it is recommended that you clean it up or just replace it, before it damages the generator also.

5. Fuel line

It is a must that you check the fuel line too or the fuel filter that will tell you about the generator condition and the tank condition too. If you think that your generator does not start then you have to check your fuel tank or the line though, this will ultimately make sure that there are no much clogs or pinches even cracks too.

In maximum cases, there arises a need for replacing the fuel line, whereas sometimes, you can just clean it up and repair the damage with an expert for sure. The fuel line has problems in rare cases, but you really have to check up for other issues in the generator though.


Hence, it is now known that these are the top solutions that you can simply apply and start the generator though. But, however, there are other solutions too that will help you to start the generator with no much efforts. You can simply make use of these above-mentioned methods and start the portable generator, or else you can always take help of an expert.