Since we are talking about generators we need to have them as portable generators since they are easy to carry and you can take them anywhere you want and use them as you desire.

These portable generators are trusted for their use in job sites where production is the primary goal, in events and also in households where you would require power.

Honda EU2200i Generator

Mostly the consumer prefers a generator that would give them optimum and maximum power for their work. So according to the needs, a generator which can provide 2000 watt of power will be best suited.

In the following article, we will be talking about the generator which will be portable and also has a lot of functions and features.

Functions and features

  • The Honda version of EU2200i is very easy to use a generator which is portable.
  • The generator is portable so that you can carry it to different places and use it as per the requirement.
  • The generator can be started by using a control knob which is located on the generator and a recoil cable that helps the users who do not have experience of generators so that they can switch it on easily without any difficulty.
  • Also on the front of the generator, there are a number of features that you need to look at that help you to operate the generator easily and also help you to have access to Power.
  • The voltage that it uses to give power to the appliances is basically 120 V. It has two receptacles that operate on 120V and help any of the appliances to be plugged with it either for the charging purpose or to provide power.
  • It also has a DC outlet which is used to charge the battery and operates on 12V. It also charges the battery when you leave it as such connected to it.

The control panel

  • The control panel has a LED light that is connected to it which contains a system for indicating. The indication purpose is merely to see the problems and find solutions and fix them.
  • It has a three levelled system or we can see three LEDs are connected.
  • The first LED or the top LED is for the purpose of indicating that the oil level is low and it illuminated as soon as it finds that it lacks the oil quantity.

If you work with a generator that is working on low oil content it can harm the generator.

  • The second LED will alarm you whenever the generator will be overloaded. It will indicate the overload so that you can prevent your generator from harm.
  • The third LED is the green light. It will stay illuminated all the time. This indicates that your generator is working in a proper condition and you do not need to worry about the power supply or the working of the generator.

Also, you will be able to see two connectors these operate in a parallel connection. This will help you to generate double power when you connect any appliance to the generator. And the larger appliances too can get optimum power.

Let us have a look at some of the extras. The extras generally here refers to the features that add up to the quality of the generator.

  • You can decide by yourself how much power you need to supply which means that you can either switch to the fuel efficiency state where you give more power or overnight power. This can be done through an Eco throttle toggle.
  • Also if your generator gets overloaded then the trip will save your generator from damage.


  • When you use a generator you need to know the noises that it produces and to how many levels and also that is it safe for you and the environment.
  • So nowadays when the generators are produced the producers keep in mind that the noise rate should be less to maintain an optimum level of sound and also does not harm the environment.
  • The noise level is generally measured in the decibel unit and you can measure these noise readings from a distance of 23 feet.
  • Usually, the Honda version of the generator produces a noise level of 70-80 decibels. This noise is similar to that if a vacuum cleaner we can say.
  • This generator is basically a quiet generator that would disturb you and your neighbours with the noise.


  • The generator works on the maximum power output of 2200 watts and the output unit that is Ac in nature is on 1800 watts.
  • The voltage that it uses is the normal voltage of 220V that we use.
  • And the frequency of the generator is 60 Hz.
  • The quantity of the tank that uses the fuel tank is 1 gallons only but still, it is much efficient as compared to the generators with a large tank.
  • When there is a load on the generator the running time will be 8 hours whereas on 100% power it has 3 hours time which works with a full tank.
  • Now let us look at some of the problems too that are related to the generator so that we are able to make a decision that we are buying a good generator or not.


This generator offers you a warranty period of three years which means that your defaults that have occurred in the past time. The warranty period is a benefit for you but it won’t repair the small faults for you.


As in there are no problems or issues related to the generator reported as such but it is suggested that you should prefer buying this portable generator as it offers you a warranty period of three years which is a good take for you.

The price may be higher for some users otherwise it is not a source of problems.


Everybody needs a generator that can work for long, that can supply optimum and large power, and also which works well for years without issues.

So to fulfil your needs you should prefer this generator. In the reviews, it is rated 98% in the 4 and 5 stars.