You might have thought that if your generator works for a long time or it runs non stop. So if you think about this you are right.  Your portable generator can work non stop in the cases when it is required.

There are cases when the weather is not polite and when the light does not come for hours and dates even. In that case, we would need a portable generator that can run non stop for hours.

How To Run A Portable Generator Continuously

The portable generators are able to run continuously for hours if they are maintained properly and you need to make sure that you stop the generator when the fueling is to be done.

The maintenance routine is to be checked and maintained properly if you wish to use this generator for hours otherwise there might be conditions when the fuel goes out of stock and you have to live in a blackout.

That is an obvious part that if you need something extra you need to maintain the extra requirements. So for this, you would need to maintain a proper schedule for cleaning, fueling etc.

Now let us look at some of the requirements that are needed to do the same. Below we will be discussing some time constraints and the requirements so go through them properly.

Requirements and Time Constraints

  • We know that we use generators mainly for the power that is to be used as a backup. So this requirement is only based on a short term one and not for the long term.
  • But there are certain models of portable generators that will give you power for days and hours continuously. Mostly the generators can run up to 8-24 hours and some up to a time span of 72 hours.
  • You should know the fact that there are generators that will work out for days but not for weeks. They can run continuously for this large span of time.
  • You need to know the fact clearly that portable generators require fuel for their working.
  • You can use either gasoline as a fuel or propane as a fuel, either of them that can give it a sip. Because the power alone cannot run it for a long time.
  • Another fact that you need to keep in mind is that you need to refuel it after a certain period and refuelling should not be done when it is working. You need to turn it off before you do so. This is important for your safety only.
  • Now let us know about the reason why do we need to close or shut down our generator before we proceed to refuel it.

Reason for shutting the generator before refuelling

  • There might be a question in your mind about why you need to switch your generator off before you refuel it.
  • If you want to do so in the working condition it is absolutely a bad idea. It is highly unsafe for you.
  • The gasoline that we use as a fuel is flammable in nature. Now when the generator is in a working condition it is extremely hot and the gasoline is itself flammable in nature in the liquid state. So it can become a reason to generate fumes.
  • The fumes are highly injurious and it can affect your health.
  • The danger is when these fumes are released into the air.
  • A small spark can also light up the gasoline so you can’t even try fueling this out when you are running the generator.
  • Do shut it off and maintain your safety first then try fueling it.
  • Now let us check out how much fuel will be required to keep the generator working.

Amount of fuel required

  • Now probably for this reason too. You need to shut out your generator so that you are able to see how much fuel is there and how much you require to be added.
  • Mostly the generators that we have seen use up to 1 to 10 gallons. This fuel is required at a time.
  • So a good working generator can work about 10+13 hours with this much fuel.
  • A generator which gives 5000-watt power will use 18 gallons and will work for about 24 hours in this fuel.
  • And the generator that can work for 13 hours will use 8 gallons.