Every generator has some best features and quality so has the Mufflers and silencers. Portage generators are especially great equipment for having mobile power, blackouts and RVs. But they have a great capacity for generating great noise and they can prove to be a nuisance in rural areas or close quarters.

Mufflers & Silencers For Generators

The use of Silencers and Muffler

The silencer and muffler are being used for the exhausting pipe on your generator and even helps in suppressing the noise which has been produced by the generator.

How loud are generators?

There a question comes when it is a discussion related to generators. How loud they are? There are most of the portable generators which have a noise level or 70 to 100 decibels at 23 feet (industry-standard measuring).

Why Should I silence My Generator?

That is obvious that everyone must silence their Generator and mufflers because it would keep them free from worrying all day about their motors. On the other hand, doing so shows that you are a responsible person! Because these sounds are really irritating they disturb others.

But if you are using your generator in the month of winter you need to take care of your motor by keeping around yourself whenever you are going to use.

Automotive Muffler

Benefits of an automotive muffler

  • You can easily use an automotive muffler for muffling the sound of your portable generator.
  • There is a method for it and that should be done correctly. So this can be wonderful for a 10- 15-decibel reduction. There is only a need for an automotive muffler, some creativity and some of the tools.
  • Correction here means welded perfectly and mounted correct piping and adapters for a leak-free exhaust.
  • Size and specs do matter for the generator.

Using a generator muffler silencer

There comes a silencer mount for your portable generator’s exhaust and they help in silencing for reducing noise levels at least 10 to 15 decibels. So if anyone does not want to buy they can even make them at home. Although make sure all steps should be clear and well acknowledged. Otherwise, you can watch YouTube video as well as.

Muffling Sound with Plywood Boards

So there is a way which could help you very much and that will be the fastest way. That will be the cheapest way as well as for reducing your generator’s decibel levels is by muffling the sounds with plywood. When you place the plywood around the generator you can even low the noise level down at least 10 decibels.

So this will do well for you and as well as for others. On the other hand, you would require some plywood scraps which are large enough for extending past your generator. You would even lay them against your generator in a box shape to deflect the generator’s noise to the ground.

Building a silencer box

Silencer Box

You can even build up a silencer box which would help in installing over your generators for muffling the noise similar to the plywood method. Building a silencer box you would need a wood. But this also helps you in getting an easy way to quickly muffle the sound of your generators on the go. You would also require a wooden frame which would fit over the portable generators and attach plywood/ foam backing or any other sturdy materials suitable for building that will muffle the sound.

Some tips for keeping your generator maintained and noise down

Here are some of the tips which are going to help you in levelling down your generator. So here are a few simple tips which you can follow for reducing noise pollution –

Install your Generator away from your home

Most of the generators produce from 70 to 80 decibels at 23 feet which are very much of sound. So you can use longer extension cords would help you in outing away from the motor.

Deflect the sound as much as possible  

You can simply move the items near your generator in front of or around your generator can help in deflecting the sound. There is even one another way and that is mounting it behind a shed or other solid object which would help in absorbing sound.

Install the Generator on a sturdy, sound-absorbing floor

This is a thing which every people should know that running your generator on the concrete or wooden floor can produce even much sound than the normal sounds. So for maintaining it, you can even add a sound-absorbing mat to where your generator will be mounted in the form of a heavy-duty shop mat for helping to reduce unnecessary noise.

Keep the Exhaust Facing Away From Your Home

Keeping exhausting generator away from home will not serve you any good thing. As sound waves travel so it definitely could reach till your home. But in spite of focusing on this side, you should definitely invest your money for the things that will definitely be going to help you.

Invest in A high-quality Generator with Low Noise volumes

If your budget even permits you the simplest way for keeping the noise levels down with your generator and there cannot be anything best than that. The high-quality generators come with low noise or even noiseless. So they set you a lot free from the noise issue. But there are some things you will also take care of those things are when the work of the generator over. Switch the generator off otherwise your generator can even burn.


So now you will get an opportunity to understand the generators with deep analysis. They are going to be helpful if you invest your money in the right place. Otherwise doing so many things will not going to help you either way. There are some tips so with the help of those tips you can even down the level of noise. Keep your environment free of air pollution and also not disturbing others. So have a generator but have precautions at first.