When you are shopping you always make sure you are shopping the right one for you so in the case of generators too we need to see that we buy more suitable and more efficient generator for ourselves.

The good generator will give you the optimum power that is required with low noise level. The parallel connections will also be good and the working will be awesome.

So keeping all the conditions that w good generator should have we find that the Briggs portable version of generator is the most suitable in this case.

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Powersmart Series (30651) Generator

This generator will supply power which begins from 220W to max. The generator has the capability to charge and to give power to the appliances which consume higher power such as refrigerator.

Let us talk about some functions and uses of the Briggs generator then only we will be able to know about its uses and features that it will offer.

Briggs & Stratton P2200 Powersmart


The generator is very easy to use. You do not need ant extra knowledge to operate this generator so it can be operated by any kind of user even those who do not have bit of an idea how this works.

There is a knob that is called the Power knob. The knob is located below a cord. This is for easy use.

The most important feature of the Briggs generator is that it has a very impressive control centre.

The control panel has different colours that is black, red and silver which make it aesthetically beautiful.


The generator is friendly to users and always safe. There are three LEDs that are located on this generator.

These are to indicate the working conditions of the generator.

  • The first light that is the top light is illuminated whenever the generator has a low oil volume. This is illuminated to prevent the generator to be working in the low oil condition so that it does not get damaged.
  • Next the second light is whenever the generator is overloaded. This light gets illuminated whenever the generator detects this condition.
  • The last and the third light is to indicate about the good working conditions of the generator. You will see a green light that is always lighted. This light shows that your generator works properly in a good condition.

There are two different receptors or receptacles that are incorporated in this type of generator.

The first receptacle provides you a port where you can plug in your chargers or connect your appliances for power. This a DC port which works on 12V.

The generator in all works on the power of 120V that is the normal voltage that a household recieves.

If you demand more power and ain’t getting this by single Briggs generator so you can try connecting two of these generators then you will be able to get a total of 4400 W of power.


The noise level of your generator should be optimum. It should not be more as it harmful for us and our environment to have a more noisy environment.

The noise level of any generator can be measured through a distance of 23 feet so we can measure it’s noise level through the same process.

In all it gives about 70-80 decibel of noise at a certain level of load.

The noise level if compared it is similar to a vaccum cleaner that we use in our houses.

If the load is 5% we can say that the noise that is produced is about 60 db.


The generator consumes a maximum of 2200 watt of output.

  • The running power that is provided is about 1700 watt.
  • The voltage that it uses is 120 V.
  • And it works on frequency of 50 Hz.
  • The capacity of the  generator is 1 gallons and it can work upto 8 hours running.
  • It can be connected in parallel connection to increase the power.

We need to know some of the reviews of the people who have used this generator to know about how good it is at work and about the problems that occur when the generator is in use with the appliances.


The generator has mostly good reviews on the internet. When it was just brought about in the market at that time it had 400 reviews. The generator us rated as a top generator which can give max power upto 4400 watts.

  • In the 400 reviews section the 75% of the reviews were 3 4-5 stars.
  • There were many reviews which rated 1 star. For these users the problems that arises was handled by the Briggs customer service.

Let us now look into some of the issues that may have arises when the generator was used.


When we have seen the 1 star reviews we have found out that there are certain problems that are associated with this generator.

The problems and issues are related to the no start conditions. This is only after running for a shirt span of time of about 15 minutes.

Since we do not have any confirmation of its working in a proper running condition we need to look into the warranty period.


The Briggs company offers its customers a period of 3 years of warranty in which the small defaults will not be repaired or replaced.

The large or major faults are looked into and even replaced if it is not of any work.

Now let us see if it is recommended to buy or not.


In most of the people opinions the generator is a good option to buy and you should opt for one.

  • It will give you great levels of energy and power in your households and also at events or parties. In the sites where large power is needed the generator will give excellent results.
  • Try using a generator of the power that suits your needs. Do see the user manual before you use the generator.

You can freely use the generator to give power to heavier appliances so do keep in mind that the generator should keep in mind that it should not overload.