There are a number of generators out there in the market. So now when it comes to deciding which generator we need to opt for it becomes difficult. It also becomes very difficult to choose for a generator which is very quiet and does not produce noise when it is in operation.

The generator should be a portable one that can be carried from one place to the other in a short span and can be used easily anywhere. The generators have great use in our lives be it our working stations or our households or industries.

Generac IQ2000 Portable Generator

The generator that we are talking about in this article is Generac. This generator can operate even in conditions of load. There are also conditions when the other generators become noisy when they are made to work in the load. The Generac generator is a very quiet generator as compared to other generators. It does not produce much noise.

We need to know the functions of the Generator before we buy it so let us proceed to know the functions of this generator.


  • This generator is very easy to use. To power this particular generator you need a pull cord. There is a power dial which helps you to start the generator. You can also run and stop the generator through this knob.
  • There are different modes for this Generator. These are the economy mode, the turbo mode and the standard model.
  • The economy mode is used mostly in cases where less load is required. It consumes very less amount of gas and it is very quiet in comparison to other modes.
  • The other mode or the turbo mode will help you in less power usage which is a better option for you.

The turbo mode is not as quieter as others it will produce more noise.

  • The third mode is the standard one.
  • The generator that we are talking about is a user-friendly generator which provides great information to its user.
  • To know how much fuel has been used and how much is left in storage there is a fuel metering. You can see and keep a check on your fuel usage with the help of this.
  • There is also a wattage meter which will tell you about how much load is applied to the generator and in which load percentage is the generator working.
  • There is another meter which helps us to see for how much time span can the generator work continuously.


  • We need a generator which is very quiet or only quiet when it comes to household needs or for sites. The noise of the generator can create a disturbing environment for us.
  • We require a less disturbing environment to work. So for this, we would require a generator which is quiet.
  • The Generac generator has been rated as the best portable and the quietest of the generators that we use.
  • If the generator is under the load of 25% then it can produce a noise of about 53 db. This noise level can be measured from about 20 feet distance.
  • If we compare the rating that we give us about 50 db.
  • If we use the economy mode then the generator is quiet but it is less quieter in other modes. It is also noticed that when we operate the generator under higher loads the noise level will increase.
  • Let us now have some look at the consumption and usage of the generator.


  • The generator is used at a voltage of 120 V.
  • The maximum power output that it can give is 2000 watts.
  • The ac output that it gives will be about 1600 watts.
  • The generator operates in a frequency of 60 Hz.

The capacity of the generator and the fuel that it uses us about 1.6 gallons.

If we apply a large load of about 500 watts then it can work for about 9 hours. The generator works very nicely for a large time.

As soon as and as you change the load there will be a change in the time that it can run for continuously.

You can also connect this Generator in a parallel connection with another generator so that it gives more power to you. For excessive power usage, you should opt for this parallel connection which helps you in gaining more power.