One of the greatest inventions of human is electricity because it helps you to enjoy sophisticated and ease of living. At present, electricity is helping the entire world to run correctly. Right from charging mobile to running various applications, electricity becomes the vital and necessary aspect. In fact, people cannot able to think about life without electricity. Yes! The need for power becomes such a great thing for living life in modern times. One cannot able to live or work without the electricity because all the devices are designed to run based on the power supply.

Top 10 Quiet Portable Power Generators

When there is a power outage or shortage suddenly, you have to face hassles and troubles. The trouble becomes double when the storm strikes your town suddenly and damages all the path to get power. In such a case, what do you do? You cannot able to cook food, use any kind of appliances, and light your space. This is where the need for portable power generators comes into play. As soon as power shutdowns, you can get power supply from the inverter and go with your life aspects without any break. The portable generator helps power your space until the electricity resumes.

If you have a portable generator, then you will have a backup power source, which lasts for several hours when there is no electricity. Apart from this, it is a better option for those who have an RV and utilize them often to travel or stay. This device helps them to power up all the appliances, which RV has. Portable generators are an excellent option for those frequent campers who wish to enjoy nature yet need to access significant boons of modern technology specifically electricity.

Compelling Reasons to use a portable generator

As said before, portable power generators are accessed to use modern amenities when there is no power. You can access this device to get power when you are in a space where electricity is not available. The sudden breakdown of power makes you feel like being in hell because you have enjoyed the supplicated benefits of power. However, sudden and unforeseen disruption can happen at any time.

You should be ready to face these things in all ways. One of the best ways to get power in case of sudden shut down is the use of generators. With the advancement of technology, portable inverter generators are designed to run at a low noise level, which does not bother you in any case. These generators are designed with the ability to run on different fuels such as propane, natural gas, and gasoline.

These units are well known to provide power output in the maximum range of 1000 to 15000watts. It means you can able to run different appliances for several hours without having any worry about running out of the electricity suddenly. The power output of these devices is different from one model to another so that you have to choose the right one as per your needs. Take a glance at the reasons to invest your money on the quite portable power generator

  • Get the power to operate your devices easily and quickly
  • Ability to take the device from one place to another
  • Gives opportunity to get power for certain hours
  • Ease of maintaining and working
  • Comes with lots of innovative features
  • Offers superior performance and power output
  • Worth the money you spend on the unit

Characteristics to look at quietest portable generators

Keep in mind that selecting the quite generator is not as easier as it sounds. Most of the quiet generators have noise level, which ranges from 47 to 76decibels. Because of the factors such as exhaust, unit vibration, and engine size, the noise from the portable generator occurs. Thus, it is necessary to understand the essential characteristics of the portable generator to make a better buying decision.

  • Throttle control

One of the best things employed in the quite portable generator to minimize noise is having the little throttle. Usually, portable generators run at the constant RPM speed irrespective of the load. It makes them not only to be much louder but also less fuel-efficient. Therefore, the ability of the generator engine to work at different output levels will minimize the noise level significantly. However, the portable generator varies the speed of the engine automatically to run the needed load. When the device output level is minimized, you will obtain a quieter running generator automatically.

  • Sound varies based on power output

Portable generator noise differs based on the size of the engine and its load. Usually, the noise of the portable generator is as high as 100dB. Engine size is the primary factor affecting the sound of the generator. Remember that it also differs based on the model of the device you choose. For instance, if two generators have similar power output but differ in the noise level, then go with the option, which has a better engine. The noise level of the unit is always changing based on the generator required load.

  • Inverter generator technology

Keep in mind that inverter generators operate quieter than regular generators. Because of the device compact device, it accesses a small engine, and therefore it minimizes the noise level greatly. On the other side, the generator body casing is also a significant aspect of decreasing sound. In most cases, portable inverter generators are designed out of the insulated and sound dampening materials. It usually absorbs the noise vibration generated by the generator. Overall, all these things make the portable inverter generator works quietly.

Things to consider when buying a quite portable power generator

Similar to other appliances, portable power generators also have their advantages and disadvantages. You should consider both aspects before making a purchase decision. The quietest portable power generator is much quieter when compared to a conventional generator. Thus, when you intend to purchase this device, you need to consider the following aspects. It helps you reach out the right option without any compromise.

  • Check out the noise level of the generator model you choose because it decides how much sound you get from the device when it is running at its fuller potential.
  • Portable generators are usually classified into two types, such as inverter and conventional. An inverter generator produces less sound than convention because it has a small engine. Additionally, it has many special features such as sound-dampening technology, sound mufflers, etc. Thus, go with the inverter option
  • Purchasing the quietest generator is going to make things much more convenient for you but never compromise on the power output, which you get from the generator. Before choosing a device, ensure the kind of power output you require and go with the right one without any compromise
  • Quality of power is another crucial aspect to consider when buying a portable generator, just like power output and sound produced. The quality power is the one, which has an extremely low number of spikes throughout the device runtime. Thus, go with the portable generator, which generates steady electricity all the times
  • Ensure the device you choose to come with better fuel efficiency because it decides how long the device runs when there is no power supply in your space. Finally, determine the price you can able to spend on the generator and then look at the best one under your budget.

List of Top 10 Quiet Portable Power Generators

Take a glance at the top 10 quiet portable power generators in the ground, which you should consider when you are in need of buying a quietest power generator.

1. Champion 3400-watt dual fuel portable generator

This portable generator is a perfect choice for your RV. It offers the user with low noise option for powering the necessary appliance at the time of power outage. Along with this, it renders a little bit of flexibility for the users. It is because this generator does not run only on the gasoline but also on the propane. It means it extends the device usability and offers potent to run on any situations.  This versatile generator comes with all the vital facilities, which one might look at the generator. Some of the highlights of the generator are 3400watts power backup, electric start option, an inbuilt battery.


  • Ability to run on two different fuels
  • Highly portable in nature
  • Comes with electric start
  • Easy to use and generate enough power

2. Honda EU2200IC 2200-watt super quite generator

One of the benchmark generators under the inverter type from Honda is the EU2200i. It is the improved version of the EU2000i generator as it comes along with improved maintenance, more power, better usability, and performance. In simple words, it is a perfect combination of a powerful and small generator. When compared to its previous version, it has better fuel efficiency, which is the primary reason for people buying this generator. The highlights of this portable generator are improved design, smooth recoil, and enhanced ventilation.  Even though it weighs only 47-pounds, it can produce up to 2200-watts. To deliver power quietly, Honda adapted inverter technology in this generator.


  • Provides a smooth and quick start
  • Not produce any sound while it is running
  • Easy to carry because of low weight
  • Comes with two years of warranty
  • Ease of maintenance

3. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 1600watts portable generator

This generator comes with the 4-stroke engine with the massive gas tank so that it produces steady performance throughout the power outage. As it is built to last up to 10.5hours with the output of 1600watts, you can enjoy trouble-free electric supply all the time. It also has the ability to differ the engine speed based on the load, and therefore it offers fuel efficiency. With 515dB noise level, this gas-powered generator is one of the best portable generators in this list. When compared to other small generators, it provides cleaner and stable power. It accessed a special inverter system along with PWM control so that it offers great power and runs much quieter. Its smart throttle system adjusts the engine speed to enhance fuel economy and decrease noise level as well.


  • As the machine weight is low, it is much easier to transport from one destination to another
  • A perfect generator for camping trips and for the home for a short time
  • Provide minimum noise when compared to others

4. WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-watt

One of the highly portable and ready to serve the generator is WEN 56200i, which is easy to use and carry as well. Most importantly, it has the ability to serve in whatever capacity you require. It offers up to 1600watts and 2000surge-watts. It is all possible because of the 79.7cc 4-stroke OHV engine. This is highly appropriate for camping, power outages, tailgates, and RV. Since the generator has CARB and EPA III compliant, you can invest your money on this device without any second thought. With one 5-volt USB port, 12-volt DC receptacle, and two 12-volt receptacles, it lets users connect multiple applications to get power. It also has exciting features such as overload protection, automatic low-fuel shutdown, low oil auto shutdown, and much more.


  • Enjoy safe cleaning
  • Extremely lightweight and portable in nature
  • Provide 3-4 guaranteed runtime
  • Offers a great saving on the fuel consumption
  • No noise issues

5. Westinghouse iGen4500 portable inverter generator

If you are searching for conveniently handling portable generator, then you can opt for Westinghouse iGen4500 generator. It offers 1800 rated watts and 2200-peak watts so that it powers several devices at the same time. This unit comes along with two 5-volt USB ports and 120-volt household duplex outlet. Since it produces power at 3percent THD or less than that, users can enjoy clean power for all of their devices. It runs at the average operating noise level due to its low-tone mufflers and special asymmetrical cooling fans. The most vital feature of this unit is that it can run in parallel to power bigger project and more appliances. It also has one push start button as well as a remote control for ease of use.


  • Use the device with any camper and RV with an adapter cable
  • High level of output
  • Excellent fuel tank capacity
  • Noiseless operations
  • Has a digital display and remote control

6. Generac 6866 iQ2000 super quiet generator

Another tremendous portable power generator in the list is iQ2000 from Generac. It weighs only 46pounds but can run up to 8hours. Its 1600watts running output is enough to handle your power backup requirements. According to the electricity need, you can able to control the speed of the engine. Use the parallel kit and generate twice more power when compared to its original capacity. Using the advanced option of the unit, you can check fuel remaining and current wattage. Thus, you can able to adjust the power and load based on your requirements. Users can choose economy, turbo, and standard modes, which indicated different fuel consumption level and noise level profiles. It integrates starting, stopping, and running functions in one easy-to-use dial.


  • Comes with 3years warranty
  • Has inbuilt inverter and CARB compliant
  • Lower noise level
  • Obtain the parallel kit

7. Honda power equipment EU3000IH1A

Another best portable power generator manufactured by the Honda is EU300IH1A. It is incorporated with loads of features and functions. Since it has 3000-watt power generation capability, you can able to power your required electronics easily. It has a compact and lightweight design, and therefore it is hugely preferred by all the people who need a portable generator. It is also easier to handle and highly portable because it comes with wheels. It helps you to roll the device wherever you want. It is a perfect package for RV with the air conditioner. The noise level of the unit is somewhere around 65dBA that cannot bother anyone around you. It has an eco-throttle system, which makes sure the best fuel efficiency.


  • Has a better power capacity
  • Highly portable because the device weighs only 78lbs
  • The outside frame is highly durable
  • Has the ability to run up to 8-9hours

8. Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 inverter generator

One of the best inverter generators from Briggs and Stratton is Q6500, which has peak wattage of 3800. It is better enough to power your RV. It also has easy to start button and remote control to make everything easy and operate under your control. The noise level of this generator is 52dB, which means it is worth to mention in this top 10 list. It also comes with a 3-year warranty, a good LED display, and maximum fuel efficiency. It is portable easily from one place to another. Its compact design is a perfect fit for all kinds of the electronic device. You can even check the fuel consumption and power usage regularly. It produces a noise level of up to 66dB so that it does not create much problem.


  • Long-lasting
  • User-friendly
  • Has noise reduction facility
  • Capability to run longer
  • Impressive and large fuel tank

9. Atima Ay2000i portable inverter generator

Are you searching for a reliable and sleek inverter generator? If so, then AY2000i from Atima is a perfect solution for satisfying your power need. It comes with the compact design, user-friendly interface, steady and constant power supply, and portability. This inverter generator offers better performance in all situations, and therefore you can enjoy the real worth of every penny you spend on. The maximum output of this device is 2000watt and runs at the noise level of up to 52dB. It has a 4-stroke single cylinder and gasoline engine, which runs at a better rate to meet your needs.


  • Works under inverter technology so that it powers both small and large appliances
  • Come along with the starter kit
  • Even though the engine is small, it generates more power and offers better fuel efficiency
  • Its circuit breaker protects your sensitive devices
  • Unit controls are easy to set up and use
  • Its air-cooled engine run for a long time

10. Honda 7000w super quite lightweight inverter

Do you look for an inverter generator with electronic fuel injection facility? Nothing in the list is much better than Honda EU7000. This inverter generator can offer better fuel efficiency, longer runtime, and ease of start. It is designed in a way to run at least for 18hours so that users can enjoy the power for a longer time. The design of this unit is quite impressive and has 60dB noise level. Plenty of generators are there in the ground, but nothing matches the stats of this unit. It comes with the inverter technology, and therefore it gets the ability to generate stable power and uses it for the sensitive devices as well. It is definitely a better unit to purchase and enjoy the best service.


  • Has electronic fuel injection facility
  • No noise problem even running at the full speed
  • Steady power supply to access all devices
  • High level of fuel efficiency
  • Better power output


The portable generator becomes the primary device required for most of the people because it acts as the best alternative source of electricity. Many people utilize portable power generators for several reasons such as low wattage lights, offer power backup during outages, small refrigerators, and so on. It also gives enough power during natural disasters and emergencies.

However, noisy portable generators are creating much hassle for people around you. This is the primary reason for people looking for quietest portable power generators. It also gives the same service as the normal generator offer but at the low noise level. It ensures your relax time much more peaceful and enjoy your trip/outdoor gathering without creating any mess.

If you are unable to choose any one of the best quiet portable generator available in the ground, then you can take help from the list of generators mentioned in the above section. Or else, use the buying guide to purchase a new model portable generator, which worth the amount you spend on.