Planning to add a backup power source to your residence and that should be in the form of a portable generator and the most important part in placing a transfer switch which is one of the safety precautions needed to your residence for that certain rules and regulation should be followed.

Transfer Switch For Your Portable Generator

Transfer switch

Here an electrical signal transfers an electrical power in between the two sources. Here an automatic transfer switch which is called as ATS and that is installed in between your generator and your home, in the generator, it is attached near the electrical panel it is the safety precautions which is included in this process.

The main purpose of installing a transfer switch is it has the capability of eliminating the need for running extension cords for each and every individual appliance that keep safe till the code is installed.

The Necessity of transfer switch

  • Transfer switch may not be technically needed but it is one of the safety precautions which are needed to a portable generator which will safeguard all your appliances in your home.
  • While the time of purchasing a portable generator to your residence a national electric code is required which should be properly installed to the transfers switch since this is more essential and it is one of the safest parts in the future suppose if this is not installed properly this will cause violations.
  • All the home appliances cannot be directly connected to the generator since those wires are hardwired appliances such as air conditioning units, water heaters extra. So during this time, you will be more worried since the transfers which are not applied. Transfer switch that plays an important role in safeguarding all the home appliances in your residence.
  • If the transverse which is applied it allows the power in a quick manner that is instantly which will switch the portable generator to the outage as soon as the power is cut off. And it is one of the very easiest and reliable processes.
  • While connecting extension cords in your home there may be some power leakage while travelling backwards so this may lead to risk in the fire so in order to avoid that serious injury it is the very safest method to connect a portable generator to your residence.

Guidelines followed for a transfer switch

  • In the market there are vast transfers switches are available and in that, you have to particularly choose the best one which is essential for you and it should work with proper guidelines.
  • Basically, there are two types of transfer switch in which that are automatic and manual.
  • A comprehensive kit is needed in which you can make all the installation in a quick and easier process. And this kit which is one of the safest products since double-check method is placed over here so it is one of the safe products to use.
  • watt is rating is one of the very important one in transfer switch and here you should calculate the number of running watts and that should support your circuit and according to that you have to calculate the amount of Watts which is required.
  • During the time of purchasing the transfer switch kit, you have to verify whether it is a double check method and whether the kit is branded and certified. Only the branded product will be very safe and it comes for a longer period.
  • And the main thing is the warranty you have to check whether the warranty has been given to the product since depending upon the warranty only the company will stand behind the product. Warranty plays an important role since if any problem occurs only warranty will help us in retaining our product without any loss.

Types of Switches

automatic vs manual transfer switch comparison

Manual transfer switch

  • Manual transfer switch helps you to allow the power source manually from the grid part to the generator with the help of a flip switch.
  • Manual transfer switches are very inexpensive so you can easily purchase the product and also you can handle the loads easily that is the controlling the loads in the electrical circuit are the easier process and it prevents overloading.
  • Setting up the processes is also easier in manual transfer switches.

Automatic transfer switch

  • Automatic transfer switches which are connected automatically to the power source with the help of the automatic switch from the grid path to the generator.
  • The setup is also easy to use and every part in this kit is highly programmable so it completely prevents overloading, it is one of the very safest transfer switches for your appliances.
  • The only disadvantage is it is very expensive when compared to manual transfer switches but it is built with amazing features. A number of features are built-in this automatic transfer switch which is safer in place in your home.
  • An automatic transfer switch is highly programmable and it also it has the high priority process circuits during some blackouts.
  • The only inconvenience faced is it is very expensive other than that it is a very convenient product where the power is automatically switched by the automatic transfer switch without any exception.
  • And this product is built with more features and higher watt ratings. Since it is built for our convenient method the cost price is a little bit higher when compared to a manual transfer switch.


Finally to conclude both the transfer’s switches this is the best one to place in your residence. The only thing is you have to calculate according to your budget whatever it may be as per your convenient the transfers which can be purchased. But transfer switch is one of the important products which must be placed while placing a portable generator in your home. Without a transfer switch, it is not safe to connect a portable generator because it will cause heavy injury to all the appliances in your residence.