WEN has started in the year 1951 and today it has a very good reputation in worldwide it is very specialized in manufacturing the everyday tool materials which include knife sharpness, soldering guns and chainsaws. It is one of the very high-quality generators and it is very popular worldwide.

The nature of the look is very stylish and beautiful and it is a very portable one it delivers a lot of power for many hours it is one of the very advantages in this WEN generator. It is designed with the durable engine and larger fuel tank and it also has a gas-powered generator.

WEN 56180 1800 W Generator

This type of wind generators offers 1800 watts for a starting power and it produces 1500 Watts of running power which helps you to start many numbers of appliances. It may not suit the very biggest one but it is very suitable for the users who prefer the smallest generators.

Exciting features of WEN generator

WEN generator is one of the powerful portable generators and it has the capacity to run for about 8 hours when it is half loaded.

  • Solid engine: this generator is equipped with a powerful stroke engine OHV and which delivers continuous power without any heating and it generally produces the cooling power which is naturally installed in them. And this cooling system naturally cools the internal components and makes the engine always cool so this will not damage any of the internal systems so there is no risk in this engine. This is one of the very powerful engines which is manufactured in WEN generators only because of this engine it ranks in the top position
  • Power: you can have the power of 1800 Watts of a starting power and the running power is 1500 watts, this power which is very much enough for running the appliances such as computers, fan, televisions, blenders and slow cookers. During the time of summer, it has the capability of connecting with ACs also.
  • Running time and gas tanker: it is built in a surprising nature that it lasts up to 8 hours during the time when the unit is operated for about 50% age loaded. When compared to other generators with the same features this is one of the best ones which runs for a longer time. It is one of the best and convenient one for relaxation purposes and it is one of the very comfortable generators which can be used to run for a long time.
  • Portability: it is very easy to use and carry since it weighs only 50 pounds. Even it is one of the very lightest generators it has the side handles which can be easily handled for better grip.
  • Outlets: Here basically there are two outlets in this generator with 120 V and 12.5 amperes. This can be utilized and you can run any two appliances simultaneously and it has the power backup.
  • Silent operation: and here you have the option that when the tank is fully loaded that is if you are operated for hundred percentage you have to keep this generator in a distance since the noise will be disturbing you, suppose if you want silent operating system useful for 50 % the noise will be reduced vibrations will all so be naturally reduced and it runs in a silent manner.

This generator is very versatile and it is very convenient to it is one of the very safest generators and you can pull plenty of power this generator and it is very portable one and it can be used for multi-purposes.

  • Regarding service and warranty: It is manufactured with a good engine and it is built in an excellent manner 80 percentage breakdown will not happen to suppose if you face any breakdown problems immediate services will be done and the warranty will also be claimed by the customer. 2-year warranty can be claimed easily by the customers.

Immediately when you complain about the breakdown problems technical expertise will contact you and we’ll take care of your generator and the service will be done within a short period which will give you peace of mind. The products are designed in an excellent way with high quality so it is easy to use and easy to maintain.


The generator which is designed in a professional manner and it completely prioritizes for convenience and versatility. It is built balance level with all the exciting features and during the time of carbon emission also the safety requirements are used. So it is one of the complete qualities worthy product to purchase.

Customers feedback through online

Most of the customers report that it feels really great and customer satisfaction is highly appreciated. Most of the people report that it consumes only low fuel and produces a lot of power so it is completely a versatile component. This generator operates only at 63 decibels so by nature it runs in quiet and it does not allow any disturbances.

WEN generator is completely manufactured with well-equipped components with high quality so maintenance is also very easy and the product is also very easy and simple. It is a very good generator and it can be easily used on worksites, this can be taken even to picnic spots also for the emergency backup option it can be used.

Is it Money worthy generator?

This product is built with high-quality products and it is one of the very efficient ones which can be used for all appliances. This product is very easy to use and it is very easy to maintain and it is a durable one.

All the customers are more impressed with this WEN generator the customer service is also excellent and then the noise is also extremely quiet in this generator. It is completely money worthy product and this can be suggested for all type of applications that is you can use at workplace, home, small industries extra.