We have seen a number of generators in the market. Let us look at one of the leading generator companies Yamaha. The Yamaha generator or inverter is an inverter which is very easy to use.

This generator gives power or provides power to large or heavier appliances such as refrigerator. Not only the larger appliances can be run with power through the inverter but also the small power-consuming appliances.

Yamaha EF2400iSHC

The generator or the inverter has a number of functions and uses in our daily use and life. Let us take a look at some of these functions of the Yamaha generator.


  • The generator is very easy to use. You can switch to start this inverter very easily without much effort. It has a panel for a startup which you can see on the face of generators. Through this, you can easily start your generator.
  • The generator consists of a control panel too.

This control panel consists of important knobs like the on and off knob, it consists of the cord for the restart and starts and a choke knob too.

  • Another control panel is found on the generator. This is located on the right side of the startup panel.

This panel has a number of controls that run the functions of the generator.

  • The power that it uses includes 2×120V. This voltage is used by the electrical receptacles. This power and voltage can be used to provide power to any of the appliances be it small or large or heavy.
  • It also has a DC outlet which has 12V of voltage. This is basically for the charging purpose.
  • The generator has basically three light systems. These lights are used as indicators.

One type of light is used to indicate low oil. It will light up whenever the generator will be having a low oil condition.

The second one will be the light which stays illuminated. This is green in colour and remains lighted to depict the proper working of the generator.

The last light is the light which indicates that the generator is overloaded. Whenever the generator becomes overloaded the light will illuminate which will indicate you the condition and you can adjust the voltage accordingly.

  • It also has a main switch that is used for switching it on and off.

Now let us discuss the main fault that mainly occurs that is the sound issues. We need a good generator that does not gives much sound when in use so that it does not disturb others and us too.


When we are looking for a generator we need to be sure about it’s sound and noise issues. It should not be too loud when in use to maintain a peaceful atmosphere wherever it is used. The noise of every generator is basically measured from  23 feet of the generator.

We need to know that most of the generator is operated on 70-80 decibels on the distance which is used. Whereas the Yamaha generator is quite as compared to other generators. The noise can be basically measured as stated above from 23 feet and it is found to be 52-60 Db.

The level of noise also depends on the type and amount of load. If we need to compare the sound of the generator it would be a little higher than that of people having a normal conversation. So we can say that it is a better generator in terms of sound as compared to other generators.

After knowing about the noise levels let us know about the consumption of the generator.


In the consumption section of this generator, we will talk about gas consumption and also the capacity of the generator.

  • It is used on 120 volts normally in households or industrial works we might say.
  • The maximum AC output that it gives is 2400 W.
  • The voltage that is rated for this generator is 120V.
  • The frequency is up to 60Hz.

The generator has a large tank for fuel which gives about 1.6 gallons of fuel for use. This generator has a larger tank as compared to others.

The Yamaha company which manufactures its generators have mentioned that this generator can give enough power to the heaviest of appliances such as air conditioners and also the ovens. It also gives power to the dryers. So it is recommended that you use this generator which helps you to enjoy using the appliances which consume high power even when there is no electricity.


The Yamaha company is mostly known for its generators. The Yamaha products and instruments are mostly used in the motocross industries. This has a great reputation in the market.

You will be happy to know that these generators have a large period of warranty that is 3 years. The warranty will be good benefit for you since it will repair any of the defaults.

But the defaults should not be minor ones it is only applicable for larger ones.

Now let us have a look at some of the reviews which will help us to know about the quality and efficiency of the generator and also about how likely it is liked by the users.


  • The generator is having 85 good reviews with ratings up to 4-5 stars.
  • The generator has been trusted for good use and it performs well.
  • In the starting, you may feel that you are not able to use it properly but with time it becomes easy.
  • You can use a manual to use this generator.


  • As in there are no problems heard about this generator. It is trusted for good use and liked by customers.
  • But certain reviews have mentioned about the missing parts of the generator and also some conditions where the generator does not start or work automatically.
  • Before you are planning to buy any of the generators be it Yamaha know about its voltage readings and also about the noise and warranty then you can freely choose and select.
  • These generators are mostly used by the industries and it is recommended that you buy this generator which offers you a three-year warranty and also great power which will help you to provide power to heavier appliances.